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The Science behind NIS

Robyn Rusholme Optimal Neuro Health

In order for optimum function to be restored, the brain must acknowledge the circuit fault. To do this, a NIS practitioner works with a defined area of neuroanatomy called the Post Central Gyrus.

This area acts as the ‘receiving & dispatching’ centre of the brain. When touched, sensations are mediated via neural pathways directly associated with the post central gyrus.

For example – if you close your eyes and have someone touch just one hair on your head, you would be able to tell them exactly where that occurred.

Taking your health seriously with NIS


The post central gyrus allows you to relate the sensation to its location.

The same principle applies with NIS treatment.

The post central gyrus knows or ‘acknowledges’ the relationship between the anatomical contacts the practitioner is holding.

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What complaints may be helped by NIS?

STRUCTURAL – Spinal, Muscles,
Tendons, Ligaments, Joints

PHYSICAL – Immune, Digestive,
Respiratory, Heart, Chronic

PATHOLOGICAL – Infections,
Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Protozoan


HORMONAL – Depression, Fertility,
Female Health

EMOTIONAL – Anxiety, Bi Polar, PTSD

SLEEP PROBLEMS – Early Waking,
Initiating or Maintaining