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“When I heard first about the Neurological Integration System I was curious and desperate enough to give it a try. For some time I had suffered under increasing lower back pain and nothing seemed to work. After only a couple of sessions something shifted in my body, the back pain went and never returned.

Since then the technique has helped my daughter and myself in many diverse ways. From Glandular Fever to skin problems – it always worked in an amazing short time. I trust this technique 100% and Robyn is an amazing practitioner”

G.S. Nelson

“I have known Robyn for at least four years. I have found her very friendly and always considerate. if she strikes a problem, she studies her books to work it out. my whole family has benefited from attending NeuroLink with Robyn”

V.H. Blenheim

“I was put onto Robyn through a friend. I got hit in the head when I was a young fellow. after the first session with Robyn, I felt like something had freed up in my brain. I felt light and clearer somehow, as if I was on drugs but wasn’t. I continue to check in with Robyn every few months, this way i’m assured if something goes off again she will sort it and put it right”

P.A. Richmond

“Robyn of Optimal Neuro Health was there for me when I could no longer cope. Session by session, she helped me to get myself and my life together. she has taken me from the verge of suicide to the confidence to seek my own business. On the days that I crumbled, she made room for me in her busy schedule, because she knew I needed it.

Robyn had saved my life, and allowed my body to heal itself, so I am now in control. After about a year, my food allergies are also reducing. I had previously tried a large number of natural therapies and mainstream treatments – all of these have resulted in varing degrees of temporary improvement.

NIS has had the best outcome for me, even though it was used though a very stressful part of my life. I highly recommend Optimal Neuro Health and NIS to anyone that believes they are being blocked from within from reaching their full potential either physically or psychologically”

SME, Nelson

“Believe me-Neurolink really works and Robyn is the person to go to!
My son was born 14 weeks early with his twin brother. Suffice to say the last 14 years haven’t been the easiest for him, with ensuing conditions such as weak muscle tone and as an added “bonus” severe eczema.

I never thought about addressing the muscle tone issue, (which by the way also goes hand in hand with poor handwriting and a host of other issues), but I have certainly tried (I think) every eczema lotion and potion in the world and have been to a host of medical and “alternative” practitioners for his eczema condition.

About 18 months ago a couple of people mentioned Neurolink to me as a possible solution for my son’s eczema. I tried a practitioner in the area in which I live (not Nelson) and although we noticed some results they were not remarkable.

We gave up on Neurolink until a work colleague mentioned it as a possible solution to me again, which prompted me to decide to continue but with a different practitioner-Robyn. The results were remarkable! On some occasions I could almost see a physical change in my son’s skin when we left, my son’s handwriting radically improved etc etc.

Try Robyn-you won’t be disappointed!”

S. V. Nelson / Marlborough

“I have been seeing Robyn for treatment for a few years now, and throughout that time I have noticed a plethora of positive changes in my health. Most significantly though, has been the ability for Robyn to help prevent and correct unbalances before they manifest, and maintain my body at an optimal level.

Earlier this year a mammogram returned results which showed a complication in my right breast tissue. The Radiographers were not sure exactly what it was, however in her tests Robyn picked up irregular cells, which pointed to the area of concern.

Robyn ‘neurolinked’ me in order to correct the problem, as she always does when an issue presents. Later that evening I felt what can only be described as a “nibbling” in my breast, which is said to be a common symptom when ‘repair’ is taking place after a neurolinking session.

For the next 24-hours I felt exhausted, as if my body was fighting something off, however after that I felt back to normal.

Further results showed no problem in my breast, and I am certain this was due to Robyn’s treatment and ability to correct my brain so that my body could heal itself.”

Jo Singer

“Horses are a big part of my life. As a semi-professional equestrian athlete, riding is both my work and my passion. However my future in the sport was comprised when I came off a horse in 2012, suffering traumatic and debilitating injuries.

I broke my jaw and the impact of the accident caused acute concussion. This induced severe headaches, bleeding on the brain, insomnia and eventually I started slipping into depression. My Dad had been seeing Robyn from Optimal Neuro Health for years, and he was (and still is) a raving fan of hers. I decided to book an appointment, and was blown away by the results.

I went once a week for three consecutive weeks. My brain was severely out of alignment, so I was amazed at how much better I felt after the second or third visit. My headaches disappeared, and I started sleeping better, but most importantly I felt much healthier and happier in myself.

I am now riding again, and am living life to the full. I have no hesitation in recommending Robyn’s services. She’s great at what she does, and for athletes suffering from pain caused by injury, I encourage you to visit Robyn at Optimal Neuro Health”

Alana Alexander – Equestrian Athlete

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Neurolink Global practitioner

What complaints may be helped by NIS?

STRUCTURAL – Spinal, Muscles,
Tendons, Ligaments, Joints

PHYSICAL – Immune, Digestive,
Respiratory, Heart, Chronic

PATHOLOGICAL – Infections,
Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Protozoan


HORMONAL – Depression, Fertility,
Female Health

EMOTIONAL – Anxiety, Bi Polar, PTSD

SLEEP PROBLEMS – Early Waking,
Initiating or Maintaining