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Why Choose Optimal Neuro Health?

Optimal Neuro Health looks beyond the symptoms using the NIS system.


How are complaints viewed with NIS?

NIS is a system to discern and “treat” according to the individual’s tolerances. The ‘holographic’ understanding of the brain interprets glands and muscles as being inextricably linked. The use of muscles reference is specific to certain viscera. Anatomically this area is too vague to be precise.

A typical back pain for example:

Constipation (relating to low back pain) impedes function of the large bowel. The holographic brain relates hamstring and large intestine as being synonymous. Effectively, the hamstring potential will weaken, commensurate with the symptoms of constipation. This weakness will cause an anterior tilting of the pelvis.

Addressing the Underlying Issues.

Credence must be given to the brain to determine why a series of intolerance’s has allowed a symptom like constipation to occur. Again, contrary to most belief’s this is not a fiber problem! NIS determines what has broken down in the brain-bowl connection. This will confirm if the bowel is a primary issue, and if not, what part of the GI tract is in-congruent with specific cortical or cerebellar understanding?

Another example:

Asthma is a label indicating inflamation of the airways, causing respiratory difficulty. Rather than treat the inflammation itself, which is a symptom only, NIS seeks to determine and address the issues that are causing the inflammation in the first place. The same principal applies for a myriad of complaints.

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What complaints may be helped by NIS?

STRUCTURAL – Spinal, Muscles,
Tendons, Ligaments, Joints

PHYSICAL – Immune, Digestive,
Respiratory, Heart, Chronic

PATHOLOGICAL – Infections,
Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Protozoan


HORMONAL – Depression, Fertility,
Female Health

EMOTIONAL – Anxiety, Bi Polar, PTSD

SLEEP PROBLEMS – Early Waking,
Initiating or Maintaining