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Neurological Integration System (NIS)

NIS is a complimentary health technique used by professional healthcare providers around the globe. NIS is a ground-breaking approach to healthcare management founded by Neurolink.

The profound intelligence of the brain

The brain is a discriminating computer utilizing an innate intelligence. The brain is capable of distinguishing between SELF and NON SELF, tolerance and non-tolerance, and will organize some 300,000-enzyme functions every minute.

NIS is a system that uses over 30 protocols to discern and “treat” according to the individual’s tolerances.

NIS addresses the underlying issues

Credence must be given to the brain to determine why a series of intolerance’s has allowed symptom’s you may be experiencing to occur.

Robyn Rusholme NIS Practitioner Neurological Health Nelson New Zealand

Call: (027) 411 2670

Neurolink Global practitioner

What complaints may be helped by NIS?

STRUCTURAL – Spinal, Muscles,
Tendons, Ligaments, Joints

PHYSICAL – Immune, Digestive,
Respiratory, Heart, Chronic

PATHOLOGICAL – Infections,
Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Protozoan


HORMONAL – Depression, Fertility,
Female Health

EMOTIONAL – Anxiety, Bi Polar, PTSD

SLEEP PROBLEMS – Early Waking,
Initiating or Maintaining